In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Rental, when entering into a car rental agreement, RENT A CAR MARA undertakes to rent a vehicle(s) to the Renter for the period of time specified in the Vehicle Rental Agreement in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and the provisions defined in the Rental Agreement.

The General Terms and Conditions define the following:

1. Ownership of the rented vehicle:

The vehicle(s) is/are the exclusive and inalienable property of RENT A CAR MARA and the renter of the vehicle has no other rights and authorizations other than those specified in the Rental Agreement.

2. People eligible to enter into a rental agreement:

A Vehicle Rental Agreement can be signed by any domestic or foreign natural or legal person, and the vehicle may only be operated by a person over 22 years of age with a valid driver’s license for the correct category and type of vehicle to be rented, and at least 2 years of driving experience (2 x 365).
When signing the Vehicle Rental Agreement, the Vehicle User must present an identification document – valid ID card/passport and driver’s license for the correct category and type of vehicle to be rented.
Should the Vehicle User fail to provide the appropriate and complete documentation and payment has already been made using any of the payment methods, RENT A CAR MARA may opt not to refund the paid amount to the User.

3. Vehicle renting and pick-up:

The User shall pick-up the vehicle upon signing the Rental Agreement.
By signing the Rental Agreement, the User acknowledges that the vehicle and equipment to be rented are in proper working condition.
The User shall drop-off the vehicle within the period and time set in the Rental Agreement.

If the contract is terminated early by the User, the money would not be returned.

4. People who are not allowed to operate with the rented vehicle:

The rented vehicle(s) can’t be operated by:
- A person who is not explicitly specified / identified in the Rental Agreement and is not authorized by the renter to operate the vehicle. Operating a rented vehicle by an unauthorized person shall be considered a violation of the General Terms and Conditions, and the User of the vehicle shall be liable and shall bear any and all consequences of operating a rented vehicle by an unauthorized person.

5. The vehicle can’t be used:

- For transporting passengers and goods for profit
- For any contests, speed trials, or races
- Under the influence of alcohol, sedatives, narcotics, sleeping pills or any other drugs
- By a person giving false information when concluding the rental agreement
- When inoperable or overloaded with passengers or luggage, has an expired vehicle registration certificate, or is otherwise technically defective
- Outside of categorized roads
- For transporting hazardous, flammable substances, and/or radioactive materials
-For transporting live animals or pets
- It is not allowed to re-rent or grant use of the vehicle to a person other than the one who has signed the rental agreement or is authorized by that person to operate the vehicle
- The vehicle may not be assigned, pledged, subjected to forced execution, nor may it be given as a guarantee or security to third parties
By failing to comply with any of the above provisions, the User shall be liable for all detrimental consequences, and RENT A CAR MARA shall be entitled to demand that the vehicle is returned IMMEDIATELY, and to request reimbursement of the damages caused by any incompliance with these General Terms and Conditions.

6. Vehicle Service and Maintenance:

- For the entire term of the rental agreement, the User shall use the vehicle with due care and diligence and shall take all necessary measures to maintain the vehicle in the same condition in which it was received. The User is obliged to return the car in a CLEAN condition as it took, otherwise he will be obliged to compensate the price for this service which is 300 MKD/5 EUR.
- During the term of the vehicle rental agreement, the User is required to fill the tank with the appropriate type of fuel, windshield washer fluid and antifreeze if necessary. If an inadequate type of fuel is used, the renter will be liable for the damage caused, unless it can be attributed to the fault of a third party.
- Smoking inside the vehicles is forbidden. In case of failure to comply with the ban or if it is caused any damage as burns on seats the Renter is obliged to fully reimburse the damage and pay additional rent for time while repairs.
- The User is required to monitor the lights and signals on the vehicle’s dashboard and take all necessary measures and actions to prevent any possible damage, particularly for the purpose of observing the regular vehicle servicing intervals.
- The User is required to perform the usual checks of the condition of the vehicle, and regularly monitor and control the necessary quantity of oil and water in the vehicle, and maintain adequate tire pressure.
- It is prohibited to make any modifications and/or mechanical interventions to the vehicle, and if this prohibition is violated, the User will bear the costs of returning the vehicle in the state in which it was received.

7. Damage liability:

The User shall be liable for any and all damage to the vehicle, its parts, and its equipment which is not recognized under the terms of the all-inclusive (Casco) insurance policy.
The User shall be liable for any damage to the vehicle, its parts and its equipment caused by improper use and handling.
The User shall be liable for any damage as a result of replacing any parts or equipment where such replacement is not necessary, or replacement of a part with an old part or a part of poor/inadequate quality.
In case of any accident, the User must have REPORT from the police otherwise the compensation of all damages will fall to the User regardless of his fault. In case of an accident, the User shall immediately report the police and if his fault is confirmed, he is obliged to reimburse the amount of 500 euro franchise of the damage, otherwise he shall be released from any compensation.

8. Extending the rental and returning the vehicle:

The User may extend the rental agreement by notifying RENT A CAR MARA at least 1 day prior to the expiry of the term of the agreement
The User must drop off the vehicle at the date and hour specified in the Rental Agreement and at the same place where the vehicle was picked up.
The rental period shall be considered concluded once the vehicle is dropped off at the business unit of RENT A CAR MARA where it was picked up and once the keys and the vehicle registration certificate are handed over to the authorized person of RENT A CAR MARA.
If the User returns the vehicle more than 2 (two) hours later than the due drop-off time, the full day rental rate is charged.
RENT A CAR MARA is not obligated to refund any paid amounts in case of early drop-off.
RENT A CAR MARA assumes no responsibility for any items or documents left behind or forgotten in the vehicle.
Upon returning the vehicle, the User is required to inspect the vehicle together with an authorized person of RENT A CAR MARA in order to assess the condition of the vehicle and if the User is unable or refuses to inspect the vehicle, the authorized person of RENT A CAR MARA may inspect and examine the vehicle without the presence of the renter.

9. Defects

The User shall inform the Renter of any defect immediately and without delay.
Repair or replacement of parts may only be performed in authorized service centers, otherwise Renter shall be liable for any damages as a result of repair or replacement of parts performed in an unauthorized service center and shall not have the right to demand refund of the paid repair or replacement cost.
If the replacement of parts is done abroad, the User is required, despite the granted approval for repair or replacement of the part, to certify the receipt for the repair and report the replaced part when crossing the state border.
If the replacement of parts or the repair of the vehicle is done abroad without prior approval by RENT A CAR MARA , User’s costs shall be acknowledged in the amount estimated by a Commission formed by RENT A CAR MARA .
If it is discovered, after the vehicle is returned, that any part of the vehicle, equipment, or additional equipment has been lost or damaged, the User shall pay the full cost for the damaged or lost part, equipment, or additional equipment.

10. Documents and keys:

All rentable vehicles are furnished with all necessary documents, including documents needed for crossing the state border. In case of losing or damaging the documents and/or the key, the User shall reimburse the cost thereof.
Los of keys: the User will have to pay 150 euro if he loses the keys.

11. Liability and obligations in the event of a traffic accident or vehicle theft:

In the event of a traffic accident or vehicle theft the User shall, immediately and without delay, notify the nearest police station and RENT A CAR MARA.
The User shall fill out and deliver to RENT A CAR MARA a form titled Accident Statement included in the vehicle documents, stating all relevant information about the accident and submitting it to RENT A CAR MARA, otherwise the User shall be liable to compensate the damage resulting from the failure to comply with this obligation.
The User shall cooperate with RENT A CAR MARA during the investigation and the procedure.
In the event of vehicle theft, the User shall bring in the Police Report of the theft, and the vehicle keys and documents if not stolen as well.

12. Definitions

RENT A CAR MARA - renter of the vehicles.
USER - any natural or legal person who has entered into a rental agreement with the renter and has undertaken to pay the rental cost.
DRIVER - any person physically operating a vehicle.